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Wecanclick will help you to handle your database in a simple way.


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Automatically generates PDFs with information of the different events, due payments reminder...


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Integration with Google Calendar, higher visibility online. Definitely a tool that will maximize your efforts making them more profitable.


Testimony of Clemente Jiménez

Clemente Jiménez

A well thought application, made by photographers to be used by photographers, offers new ways to handle our business making it easier.

Testimony of Fran Cabades

Fran Cabades

Tools online are the future. With wecanclick I can handle my business anywhere.

Testimony of Germán Ruiz

Germán Ruiz

The use of this tool has kept me away from more than one problem, making my workflow easier and more effective.

Testimony of José Luis Guardia

José Luis Guardia

Wecanclick is a way to reach more clients, enabling them to visit every photographer in the privacy of their studios, directly from home.

Testimony of Roberto Ramos

Roberto Ramos

When several people work under the same name, Wecanclick helps us to avoid committing mistakes and helps to don´t hire 2 weddings for the same day.

Testimony of Vinicius Matos

Vinicius Matos

I´ve got my own way to organize my bussines, but wecanclick allows me to appear in an European Directory where brides can contact me.

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